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With a client base that spans London and the Home Counties, Kent and London based Command Recruitment has forged its own recession-defying path for success – all with a little back office support from leading finance and payroll service provider Bibby Financial Services.

For Command Recruitment the 18 month start up period could well have proven to be more testing. Yet, despite the downturn, the company has more than doubled in size. This is because company directors Carol Connolly and Carl Murphy decided to avoid the inevitable drain on resources some in-house services can create and enlisted expert finance and payroll service provider Bibby Financial Services from the very beginning. And it’s to this astute move Carol attributes a sizable portion of the business’ current success.

Carol says, “As a start up organisation it can be an immense act juggling marketing, business development and candidate/client fulfilment, so the last thing you want is to be encumbered with tasks such as credit control and payroll even though they are vital. Every business requires tight financial control and this is especially true of start ups, so it was a pleasure to hand over these functions to Bibby Financial Services who continue to finance our debt with no mistakes in a manner that remains consistently businesslike and sensitive to our own specific needs.

“If we did our own payroll, we lose two days instantly from our week purely on administrating that process. And yet the money we can secure in sales in those two days, during the first month alone is enough to fund the outsourcing of the whole process with Bibby Financial Services for an entire year. It’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. Also, when you run a small business, you have to consider what effect holidays and sickness will have on all in-house processes which for me, once again, is all the more reason to outsource where you can, leaving our team to concentrate on client/candidate generation and fulfilment – the things we do best.”

“The future is important now and having ensured our finances were enabled for future growth, we set aside sufficient resource and installed totally flexible, up to date, but tried and tested, telecoms and recruitment software systems including VOIP communications. It was vital to us to be assured we could set up a satellite office or partnership anywhere literally on demand. In fact, our telephony and recruitment software does actually follow us around the world and I have used it personally in places such as India and Sri Lanka!

“The recent market has been challenging but we have faired well as a result of secure client relationships and loyalty and by keeping on top of our cashflow. Our ability to deliver to the most exacting standards is such that client retention and recommendation throughout their Groups’ has been outstanding and that really is the key to any successful business — unbeatable service.

“Fulfilling nine out of ten vacancies our fill-ratio is quite unique within our business and we invest heavily in our own staff to achieve this, paying up to 80 per cent of placement fees instead of the industry average 30 per cent.

“There is a great deal of support out there for businesses, but the combination of our own expertise and that of Bibby Financial Services, allowing us to swiftly and easily accommodate the recent legislative changes to holiday allowance for temps, for example, has meant we’ve never had any need to seek further support. I think it’s a case of knowing your own strengths and expertise and handing over to the experts those sections where you do see gaps.”

Carol concludes, “I knew of Bibby Financial Services from previous experience and was keen to work with the company again as, having met with many alternative financiers, I found Bibby to be the most accommodating. And the service has not disappointed this time around either, continuing to go above and beyond expectation.”

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