Poster sites on your property can provide significant revenue. Marc D’Azzo of Out of Home Experts, Gate 3 Media looks at the opportunities.

Imagine being able to get a new revenue stream from your commercial property without doing anything.

Most property owners think of their property in terms of costs, leases and rental income. What’s surprising is how many are ignoring the potentially significant revenue streams that are possible from commercial agreements to turn that unused corner of land or that external wall into an advertising site.

Out of Home media - OOH as those in the trade call it — remains one of the most important of all advertising methods, even in the digital age, and the major media owners are constantly looking for sites in good locations with high traffic volumes. What many people don’t realise is that the rental value of the best of these sites can comfortably exceed the rental value of the property itself. Where the industry was formerly just an end of terrace wall with a poster for Bovril or Guinness, nowadays there are 48 and 96 sheet poster sites at major junctions, stylish towers along busy arterial routes and of course a proliferation of digital screens and technology around urban centres.

The best sites are in demand and typically they are located at the edges of industrial parks, along major roads and at junctions, on office complexes and even small commercial premises in metropolitan areas. Of course, the key criteria are excellent visibility and high volumes of road traffic — the site needs to be visible to a large audience. Rental values vary enormously but as there is no cost or effort on the part of the landowner they always provide profit. It’s also worth bearing in mind that a successful deal adds to the capital value of the property and can be used by the landowner as an asset to help secure bank finance.

Not every site is suitable and there are the vagaries of planning and health & safety to consider but these are not the problem of the property owner who is effectively able to sit and count the cash. It’s even possible for tenants of suitable properties to benefit from the advertiser deals via a reduction in rent, so a little work to ascertain if your site is suitable can yield big rewards.

Gate 3 Media is providing a special offer to Fresh Business Thinking readers of a free no-commitment site survey if you think you have a suitable property. Contact Marc D’Azzo direct on marc@gate3media.com

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