By Thomas Eason

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has raised an additional £10,000 this month from supporters it would have lost touch with, thanks to [b]Cleanse+, a contact data cleansing service from Postcode Anywhere[/].

The trust used Postcode Anywhere’s Cleanse+ service to correct inaccuracies in the address data, before cross-referencing against the National Change of Address and Mortascreen datasets to account for changes in members’ circumstances.

As well as eliminating “embarrassing phone calls” resulting from poor contact data quality, the service allowed the trust to re-engage with people whose memberships had lapsed.

Paul Fox, supporter development manager for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, said: “As with most if not all charities, resources are very valuable to us. We needed to make contact with members whose memberships had elapsed or direct debits had been cancelled. Data quality deteriorates very quickly, for all sorts of reasons, such as moving house or even bereavement.

“Before embarking on any re-engagement campaign, it’s important our contact data is up to scratch. Our data quality was very poor, which caused our telephone operatives to have lots of embarrassing phone calls. This can be de-motivating for our staff and doesn’t make the best impression on our members when having to deal with their personal details.

“Postcode Anywhere was recommended to us by our website designers. We started using Cleanse+ a year or so ago. We now have a robust and accurate contact list. We have successfully re-engaged with ex-supporters, including donors and members, enabling us to regain around £10,000. More importantly, it has allowed us to re-open dialogue with a significant amount of members with lapsed memberships.

“It has basically helped us to cement and improve our donor relations. It has also enabled us to connect with our members and supporters who have expressed a wish to be contacted. Our staff can ring members with confidence knowing they have the right contact details.

“Deploying the cleansing tool was really easy. Since using Cleanse+ we have successfully re-engaged with members with lapsed memberships, resulting in a 10% positive response and no more embarrassing phone calls.”

Postcode Anywhere’s managing director, Guy Mucklow, said: “Contact data is an extremely valuable commodity. Without it, you’ve no way of connecting with your customers, or in the case of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, your members.

“Yet despite knowing how catastrophic it would be without any address and contact data, organisations are often complacent about the information they do have. Contact data changes all the time. Fail to keep on top of it and you’re throwing money and relationships down the drain.

“Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is an example of an organisation working smarter. Their improved data quality has resulted in a better, sustainable relationship with organisation members, set to add value of tens of thousands of pounds over the next few years.”

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