By Marcus Leach

Hacking group Lulz Security have hit again in the latest of what is becoming a long line of attacks. This time the target was the UK Serious Organised Crime agency (Soca).

Having spotted the attack Soca confirmed that it had taken its website down to limit the damage done by the attack. was unavailable for most of Monday afternoon, with an intermittent service restored later in the day.

It was another denial of service attack (DDoS) which took the site down, which then makes the site more vulnerable to other forms of attack.

The group has hit a number of high-profile websites in recent weeks, including the CIA and US Senate.

"Soca has chosen to take its website offline to limit the impact of DDOS attack on other clients hosted by our service provider," a Soca spokesman told The BBC

"The Soca website is a source of information for the general public which is hosted by an external provider. It is not linked to our operational material or the data we hold."

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