By Jonathan Davies

Former Greece finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is facing possible prosecution over the so-called 'Plan B' to switch the country's currency back to the drachma.

Earlier this week, Mr Varoufakis claimed Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras instructed him to prepare systems to switch to the drachma in case of a complete breakdown in bailout negotiations which would've forced Greece out of the eurozone.

The Greek Parliament says it has received two sets of legal complaints over Varoufakis' "surreptitious" plans.

The former finance minister said his five-man team hacked into the ministry's own system to gain access to the public information to create a parallel payments system and switch to the drachma 'at the switch of a button'.

Currently, Mr Varoufakis is immune from criminal prosecution as an MP. However, the Greek Parliament may decide to overturn that rule after reviewing the allegations.

He has since said that the plans were carried out within "the laws of the land, and at keeping the country in the eurozone".