By Claire West

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are rightly disappointed and sad to hear that French magazine ‘Closer’ published topless pictures of Kate.

The photos were reportedly offered to several British newspapers including the Sun — who had recently published naked photos of Prince Harry — and none were prepared to publish.

In a post Leveson media world the UK press are conscious of the tightrope that they walk.

However it was only yesterday that John Whittingdale, chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, criticised the ‘enquiry’ for going further than its original remit and providing a platform for anyone with a grudge against the press to ‘put the boot in’.

Nevertheless when it comes to the media and the two Princes we must continuously remind ourselves of the role that they had in the death of their mother.

You would think that particularly the French would be more compassionate but ‘plus ça change’.

Closer’s editor, Laurence Pieua has made the decision to publish these but doesn’t seem to understand the sensitivities as she has just said “Harry is going to feel a lot less alone”.

At the moment it's Closer that's alone - but for how long?