By Max Clarke

Japan’s crises have, perhaps unsurprisingly, had an effect on the world’s largest car company. The Tokyo based Toyota Motor Corporation has announced that it is ‘adjusting’ production in its North American sites due to issues in parts availability, as production in Japan remains severely affected.

Over the next few weeks, Toyota’s North American vehicle plants will operate on a reduced schedule, with production to be suspended for five days in April. Most of the company’s North American engine and component plants will follow the same schedule.

Production has also been halted across the Pacific in the vehicle’s homeland, Japan, following the damage wrought on the country’s infrastructure by last month’s earthquake and tsunami. Toyota say they intend to recommence production at all sites, at reduced capacity, between April 18th- 27th.

“The situation in Japan affects many automakers and many other industries. Extraordinary efforts are underway to help suppliers recover,” said Steve St. Angelo, executive vice president of Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America. “We are slowing down to conserve parts yet maintain production as much as possible. We appreciate the flexibility of our team members, suppliers and dealers as we work through these issues.”