By Claire West

A revolution in business debt was announced today with the news that SMEs will now be able to collect their outstanding debts using Twitter.

Recovering debts is an often time consuming, expensive and stress filled task. The new system from wecollectyourmoney.com will allow business owners to send a Tweet detailing who has failed to adhere to the agreed terms and the amount owed.

They will then receive a reply detailing the likelihood of recovering their money and options available, before the recovery of the debt is taken on by the team at wecollectyourmoney.com

The free service will save millions of pounds every year and endless time as SMEs will be able to avoid taking expensive legal action against companies incapable of paying.

As uncertainty about the economy continues, late or non-payment of money owed to businesses is a primary concern and can have devastating consequences for SMEs and their employees.

Jamie Waller, MD of wecollectyourmoney.com said, “We aim to collect every penny that is owed to our clients through integrity, hard work and determination. We believe that all SMEs have a right to be paid what they are owed and supporting the business community is at the top of our agenda.”

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