By Jason Theodorou

Hungry football fans have given pizza chain Domino's an extra sprinking of profits, as the company announced that the World Cup - together with lucrative sponsorship of primetime ITV show Britain's Got Talent - has pushed half-year profits up by 28%.

Domino's reported that like-for-like sales were 'already up by 12.8%' before the World Cup kicked off, but they saw a surge in profits as the tournament progressed - with a surprise boost during the Slovenia game, when UK store sales shot up by 65% during the day and 333% between the hours of 2pm and 5pm.

Domino's promoted their best-selling Pepperoni Passion pizza on ITV1 before England games versus the USA and Algeria, encouraging fans to order a pizza early in the game. Domino's has just finished it's third year of sponsorship for Britain's Got Talent, with an influx of orders coming in during the finale.

Chief executive Chris Moore said: "It is easy to try and attribute our success to one thing - be it the weather, or Britain's Got Talent, or the World Cup - but the underlying trend shows a more compelling picture".

Domino's saw strong growth in internet business, with online pizza sales increasing by 61% to £57 million compared to the first six months of 2009. Online sales made up 33% of UK pizza deliveries between January and July 2010.

The company opened a new factory for manufacturing ingredients in Milton Keynes at the end of June.

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