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Gender equality in the workplace is still 17 years away, according to Right Management, part of the ManpowerGroup.

The research found that millennial women are the most pessimistic when it comes to setting a likely time in the future when we'll have equality in the office. They think it could be as long as 22 year away.

Male 'baby boomers', however, think it could be as soon as 14 year.

Despite the considerable average of 17 years, the millennials surveyed believe it will be their generation that achieves equality in the workplace.

Ian Symes, general manager, Right Management UK & Ireland, said: “Can we really afford to wait another generation until women have the same opportunities in the workplace as men?

“Millennials have the most potential to drive new behaviours around the treatment of women in the workplace but for them to feel inspired enough to act, they need to know a level playing field is within reach.”

Tom Castley, VP of Xactly EMEA: “The gender pay gap is an on-going battle, and this latest finding that gender equality in the work place is an average of 17 years away is concerning. In London alone, where women earn on average £7,000 less than their male counterparts and gain almost half of what men do in bonuses – women only get 16% of their salary compared to 23% for men. Eradicating the gender pay gap should be a priority for every UK business and the announcement of requiring transparency of paid bonuses is a welcome first step to tackling this challenge on a business front."