Getting Hitched

By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator of PrPro And Owner Of Energy PR

The big PR (public relations) challenge for lots of companies is a lack of news. While it’s true that most businesses only launch new products, win big contracts and expand their business empires once in a while, that shouldn’t mean their story pipeline needs to dry up. They just need to know how to create some news.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to hitch a ride with current events. In essence you simply keep any eye out for things that are topical or already hitting the headlines and find a way of attaching your own story to it. For instance the Royal Wedding created a mountain of media opportunities for fashion commentators, beauticians, hairdressers, fitness gurus, marriage counsellors, wedding planners, florists, arts and crafts businesses. Indeed just about everyone seemed to be hitching their story to this story of a couple getting hitched.

Marriage aside, there is no end of other topical opportunities you can hang your own PR hat on:

- Government cuts – good for experts in any of the spheres being cut

- Legislation – good for any business affected by the legislation in a good or bad way

- Celeb break ups - perfect for counsellors, body language experts

- Celeb fashions - perfect for boutiques, hairdressers, personal shoppers etc

- Economic figures - ideal for accountants, bankers, financial advisors

- British Retail Consortium figures - great for small retailers bucking the trend!

- CBI figures – great for ANY business which wants to put itself forward as an example of someone inline with, or at odds with, the figures

- National No Smoking Day - a gift for hypnotherapists!

- World Book Day – publishers, schools, teachers, authors, educationalists

- The whole of 2011 is national chemistry year - ideal for any science-based business

- National Chocolate Day – perfect for confectioners, fitness and diet businesses

- Extreme weather – perfect for visitor attractions, indeed any consumer facing business

- Energy company results – ideal for charities helping the poor

- School league tables and exam results – ideal for educationalists and training providers

- Jobless figures – ideal for recruiters or training companies

The list is endless. But if you’re in need of further opportunities set up a Google alert for your sphere of expertise. You will then be perfectly placed to pounce when the media starts reporting on it.

Come on … get hitching!

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