By Max Clarke

80% of workers would take a pay cut for their dream job, a new survey reveals.

The survey found that employees did not rate salary a big motivator for their dream job, with nearly 80% of respondents preferring to earn £20,000 a year for a job they love than £100,000 a year in a job they hate.

The poll from, asked 5000 job seekers about their career aspirations, revealed that over 78% would take a pay cut for their dream job rating job satisfaction above financial rewards.

The number of men willing to work in a job they hate was a lot higher than women, with 30% of men happy to earn £100,000 in a job they hate compared to only 13% of women.

“Despite the current economic climate it’s reassuring that employees place job satisfaction above financial reward,” says Tony Wilmot, founder of

“Workers that are happy in their jobs perform better and are more motivated than those who are unhappy. However, it’s not that shocking more men would stay in a job they disliked, especially given the cost of childcare, rising living costs and pressure to be the traditional male breadwinner”.

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