By Claire West

Office workers spend almost as much time sitting in chairs as they do in bed.

According to an online ‘2010 Office Chair Survey’ carried out by Staples, 45 per cent of those polled admitted to spending six hours or more in their office chairs — rivalling the amount of time they spent sleeping.

Marketing manager Louise Rowles said: “This survey has been a wake-up call showing the amount of time we spend at our desks in inadequate office chairs.

“While we spend a lot of money buying a good bed, only a fraction of us would ever dream of investing money, time and effort into making sure we have an adequate chair to sit in all day.

“Choosing a good, supportive office chair is important — and this survey has just highlighted how important it is to get the right advice, and the right chair.”

The poll also revealed 65 per cent of those questioned did not have any input into choosing their office chair, compared with 70 per cent who put effort into researching the market before buying a bed. In addition 71 per cent don’t have adjustable back support.

It’s therefore no big surprise to discover that many office workers secretly swap their chairs for a better one - 57 per cent of office workers have witnessed colleagues doing this.

One of the key things is to check out the recommended usage timeline guide. For example, the guide shows chairs marked with up to three hours is only suitable for occasional usage, three to five hours is fine for moderate use and five to eight hours is designed for all day comfort.