By Marcus Leach

The Government’s much discussed ‘Work Programme’ went live on Friday, and according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) it will take time to bed down.

There are, according to REC, concerns over whether the scheme can deliver the expected benefits. However, initial discussions on how recruiters can work in partnership with welfare providers for mutual benefit have been encouraging.

“Recruiters - especially those operating in sectors where there is likely to be growth in demand for staff - can form an integral part of the local-level delivery process," Sarah Gordon, Associate Director of the Sammons Group and Chair of the REC’s Diversity and Inclusion Forum said.

"Agencies can also bring one other important provide offering to the table - namely temporary work opportunities that provide a crucial stepping stone into the labour market.

“The priority for employers will always be to attract candidates with the right skills, attitude and potential. It is not about recruiting 'on the cheap'. Recruiters can form part of an effective filtering mechanism so that candidates put forward are genuinely job-ready.

"The REC will continue to play a brokering role in the months ahead. We will also use initiatives such as our Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) to break down barriers and build stronger links between all those shaping the UK's employment landscape.”

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