By Claire West

Londoners, once again face the prospect of more travel chaos on the Tubes. This time disruption comes after members of the RMT yesterday voted for industrial action. Will this spell more problems for UK businesses or have they learnt from the experiences of last year’s Tube strikes, the swine flu outbreak and the travel chaos caused by the snow fall which suspended travel across the country?

A recent survey commissioned by Star showed that — far from being unprepared — a large proportion (72%) of businesses already had, or were considering putting into place, remote working facilities, such as access to the corporate network and emails. This suggests that they’re well on the way to enabling workers to operate from wherever they are, and prevent loss of business.

However, computing and communication services provider Star is urging companies to ensure that they are able to provide internet access as well as telephony, and are able to contact their co-workers whether they’re in the office or working from home.

Hugo Harber, Director of Convergence and Network Strategies at Star comments:

“It’s good news that SMEs have been preparing themselves for greater flexibility but they also need to take a broader view about communicating with colleagues, customers and prospects. Remote working isn’t just about having access to email and the internet. We still rely on communicating by telephone and to have truly location-independent workers, businesses also need to consider mobility tools such as call-forwarding from landline to mobiles. This means that your calls ‘follow you’ and you can be available anytime, from anywhere.”