By Jason Theodorou

The false teeth of World War II leader Winston Churchill have been sold for £15,200 at an auction in Norfolk. The dentures were used to preserve Churchill's distinctive slurred lisp, which became well known amongst the public due to radio broadcasts.

The dentures went under the hammer at Keys Auctioneers, and were expected to fetch a maximum sum of £5,000. They were put up for auction by the son of Derek Cudlipp, the dental technican who was commissioned to make them. Churchill took them with him wherever he went, to ensure consistency in his voice.

Andrew Bullock, valuer at Keys, said: 'It is so quirky - one of those things which is so unusual that it could make a huge amount of money. The teeth are set in dentist's gold - but I think it is safe to say they won't be sold for their scrap value'.

Mr. Cudlipp's son Nigel told the BBC that Churchill had a habit of throwing the dentures across the room when he faced setbacks during the war campaign. He also prevented Cudlipp from enlisting, saying that his dentistry talents were more important to the war effort.