By Jason Theodorou

Foreign Secretary William Hague has promised to create a 'new commercialism' in Britain's foreign policy, securing trade and investment deals to ensure a full economic recovery. Speaking in Japan, Mr. Hague said that economic objectives would be at the heart of the UK's dealings with other countries.

Mr. Hague said: 'We will work in a targeted and systematic fashion to secure the UK's economic recovery, promote open markets and improved financial regulation and to open the way to greater access for British companies in new markets worldwide'.

The Foreign Secretary said that the government would have a focus on 'economic opportunity' which extended across the entire administration, not just the Foreign Office. His comments echo those of Prime Minister David Cameron, who said that his government would be 'messianic' in winning business overseas.

Mr. Hague is undertaking a trip through Asia, as part of an effort to build stronger links with emerging economies in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. On Thursday he sent an open letter to his staff at the Foreign Office, asking them to 'miss no opportunity' to seek out economic opportunities for the UK in addition to their other duties.

Business Secretary Vince Cable will travel to Brazil, and Prime Minister David Cameron will go to India, in a bid to extend the UK's foreign policy beyond the US and forge stronger links with counties such as the European Union and the Gulf states.

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