By Claire West

A team of business turnaround experts is hoping UK business leaders make the most of the upcoming royal wedding and use the day to give their business and employees a boost.

The team from Business Breakthrough Coaching believe the celebration can only help business for UK firms but understand for some this day comes at a cost.

The additional day off has been met with irritation by some companies, especially those now beginning to rebuild after the recession, with the government failing to acknowledge who will pay for the day.

The fact is that it is businesses for the most part that will pay for this extra day's holiday through lost production of both products and services, and through paying their employees.

However, the team at Business Breakthrough Coaching believes most have welcomed the additional day off and have been working hard to capitalise on the event where they can, both home and overseas.

Business coach Steve Goodman said: "The wedding is falling at a tough time for small businesses. The country is slowly beginning to claw its way out of recession and every day is valuable when it comes to bringing in new
business or fulfilling orders. Added to that, the extra bank holiday falls within an already lengthy Easter break bringing additional pressure.

"As a business coach and someone who's lived through a number of royal weddings my message is to look on the bright side and enjoy the celebrations. It is estimated that the Royal Wedding will generate a £600m
plus boost to the economy and will bring a much needed boost worldwide for the UK's image and profile."

Steve has put together these top five tips for businesses to help them enjoy the celebrations without worrying unnecessarily about the impact on their

1.Opportunities - look for any that may be out there. Tourism is an obvious one, with people heading to the capital for the big day and wanting to relive the event post wedding. How could your business, be it a hotel, a tour operator make the most of this?

2.Managing costs - if you're well organised, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. You will already have come up with a solution to make up for the time and money lost because of the bank holiday. But remember, better not to be bah humbug and instead use this as an opportunity to
celebrate with your employees, boosting staff morale and injecting new energy into your enterprise.

3.Lasting benefits - think about how you and your business can benefit in the aftermath of the wedding. Will this open doors for you overseas, for example? The wedding is predicted to bring a £600m boost to the economy in just six months. That's a great worldwide advertising campaign for the UK.

4.This also means it isn't all over when the wedding's over.
What's more we have the Olympics coming in 2012 which will give another boost to the economy, national pride and subsequent feel good factor, all
good for business.

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