cricketBank of England governor, Mark Carney, has likened the process of the UK leaving the EU to a cricket match, more specifically, a five-day test match.

‘It’s a fine day here at Lourdes (see what we did there), and Guy Verhofstad, the EU chief negotiator over Brexit comes into bowl. David Davis looks up, bat straight, prepared for the delivery.’

‘It’s a googly, Davis is out.’

Maybe, Brexit negotiations won’t go exactly be like that, but Mr Carney thinks there may be a similarity.

The gurus at the Bank of England wanted a sporting metaphor to describe the Brexit process. At first they looked at saying it was a marathon, not a sprint.

“We thought about that”, said Mr Carney “and actually you’re more exhausted after the marathon than after the sprint so this is the wrong metaphor.”

And so the Bank of England came up with the cricket analogy instead.

“It’s not T20,” said, Mr Carney, “There’s a narrative to this, it takes time, it takes strategy, it takes everyone in order to be as successful as possible to fulfil our mission to promote the good of the people of the UK and that’s what we’re doing.”

Next week, why running the economy is a lot like tiddly winks, according to the famous accountancy firm: ’Fatuous, Acronym and Tripe’ called FAT, for short.