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Even ardent Clinton fans are hoping it won’t happen, or at least prove unnecessary, but there are calls for Hillary Clinton to demand a re-count in three swing states in the US.

It boils down to the nagging fear that results in three key states have been hacked or manipulated.

Was it the Russians? Written like that, it feels somewhat paranoid. But we know that Vladimir Putin was gunning for Trump and that Deputies in Russian Parliament celebrated on the news of the US election result.

The evidence is circumstantial.

In Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, Mrs Clinton received less votes in counties that used electronic voting machines, compared with those that used optical scanners and paper ballots.

But even allowing for this, it will be a tight call. It has been suggested that even if the votes in counties that used these electronic voting machines followed the same voting proportions as other similar counties, the final result would be very close.

Mrs Clinton would need to win all three states for the final result to be reversed.

And although she actually clinched around two million more votes than Mr Trump, a reversal of the final result would throw the US into crisis, with many Trump supporters claiming foul.

And if Russian manipulation could be proven, the resulting crisis may make the Cuban missile crisis seem mild.

Maybe it is better not to know.

Or maybe it is just better to hope, regardless of your thoughts about the man, that Trump really did win fair and square.