Breakout space (2)

Breakout spaces are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. The mental and physical benefits to employees are enormous, particularly in coping with high-stress work environments.

Use of breakout zones has been known to reduce stress levels, depression and anxiety in workers by offering them an environment where they can disengage from the pressure of work and truly relax and interact with each other. It has also been shown that while you might assume a breakout space would be an area for taking a break, they have actually been shown to make employees more productive, as a happy worker is a hard worker.

Open spaces with lots of natural colours and light are particularly effective. Ecotherapy, which utilises light, fresh air and nature, has been shown to be an effective holistic treatment for depression and anxiety disorders. Breakout spaces use this same concept to improve employee satisfaction and productivity. We shouldn’t glue ourselves to our desks to stare at our computers all day – it isn’t healthy.

You can promote a relaxing environment in your workplace by setting up comfortable seating, providing refreshments like tea, utilising natural colours and fabrics inside and out of your breakout space. Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular in breakout spaces as it provides a natural looking lawn, and green is shown to be associated with healing and nature. It can also be used inside or outside as it is water resistant and easy to keep clean. Bringing in lots of plants will cleanse the air and promote a relaxed atmosphere.

Utilising artificial grass is a fantastic way of allowing your employees to kick off their shoes and relax with the sensation of cool grass under their feet without any of the pesky maintenance or upkeep of a traditional lawn. There is no mud to worry about and no need to mow your artificial lawn, without sacrificing the natural look or feel.

By Lance Moran, founder of Gorilla Grass