You don’t need me to tell you that retail and predominantly consumer businesses thrive during peak holiday periods. Profits and shoppers’ interest is high, and by enhancing your marketing strategy, you can capitalise on this to boost profit and sales even further.

So what is a seasonal marketing campaign?This is any marketing campaign which aims to capitalise on events which are appealing to the consumer. This type of campaign uses the specific holiday and event as leverage to market a brand, products or services.

Where do you even start planning?Firstly it is crucial that you choose the right holidays to target, which fit the needs of your audience. The holidays should be 100% relevant to your audience and their needs, otherwise you are at risk of tainting your brand and what it stands for. You don’t want to ‘sell-out’, so to speak, then have an average turn-out on one of your seasonal marketing campaigns, then have no retention plan to prevent losing all of these newly acquired customers. It is important for these seasonal campaigns to me seamless with your brand, otherwise you may lose some of your loyal customers.

Consumers’ expectationWe have reached the age of consumer marketing where seasonal marketing and seasonal offers are almost expected. Your target market may go elsewhere if you are not providing those coveted deals. For instance, Black Friday deals are now expected in the UK as well was the US, and it is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. All while there is no tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving on this side of the Atlantic. As a result of this anticipation of Black Friday, companies can boost their revenue twice or thrice over in just one weekend, or in some cases just one day.

Connecting with consumers’ emotionsIncorporating festive strategy into your overall marketing campaign often means more than just branding up your website and sending out Christmas email newsletters. Tapping into the pursuit of creating happy memories is the key to a successful seasonal marketing campaign. Holidays are a time when people want to create happy memories and take a step back from their routine. Getting a customer to link your brand or products with any festive season should be your goal. One of Starbucks’ best decisions was to push their pumpkin spiced latte which many shoppers now associate with the Christmas season drawing in.

Limited editionThe great thing about seasonal holidays is that they only last for a fixed period of time. And for this reason, you can easily apply ‘scarcity marketing’ tactics to draw in new customers. Leveraging the ‘limited period’ that seasonal holidays are will help you sell through the ‘fear of shortage’. Offers and deals around the holidays seem more urgent because of the inevitability of their end. Emphasising this in your marketing efforts will help you get the spike in sales you hope to see during busier holiday periods. Simple things like tweaking website copy like this integrated labels e-commerce store has done is sometimes it all it takes. You can see an example of this below:

Don’t just take on a seasonal marketing campaign if you are not going to fully commit. There is no point in rolling one out for the sake of it. You could lose money and time if it is not thought through properly and you don’t give any thought to understanding your audience.

By Rebecca D’Souza, online marketing executive, Fountain Partnership