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Today (23 June) marks the single most important vote the UK has had to make in a generation.

Here are just a few of the reasons we believe you should vote to stay in the European Union.

The arguments for leaving are substantially outweighed by the benefits we already experience and the risks associated with a Brexit.

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  • Three million jobs in the UK are linked to trade with the European Union (HM Treasury)
  • Being part of the EU will create an additional 790,000 jobs by 2020 (Centre for Economic and Business Research)
  • Nearly one million jobs would be lost if we leave the EU (CBI)

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  • The UK could fall into a "technical recession" (Governor of the Bank of England)
  • The UK receives £66 million worth of Foreign Direct Investment from EU countries every day (Office for National Statistics)
  • The International Monetary Fund, Institute of Fiscal Studies, Bank of England, Confederation of British Industry, World Bank, the head of the World Trade Organization (sic), and virtually all reputable economists believe the UK economy would suffer as a result of leaving the EU
  • The value of the pound will fall
  • Financial markets including the FTSE 100 will fall
Britain pays £5.7 billion a year to be a member of the EU Single Market, but the benefit of being in is £91 billion a year (CBI)

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  • 89% of businesses back remaining part of the EU (CBI)
  • A number of the UK's biggest employers have warned they could decide to move their headquarters outside of the UK in the event of a Brexit
  • Over 80% of the UK's small businesses see the EU as an important market (RSA)
  • 70% of major businesses expect to experience "some" of "significant" damage if we leave (Financial Times)
  • One in three international businesses will create fewer UK jobs if we leave (International Chambers of Commerce UK branch)[/bs_citem]
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  • Being part of the EU saves families £350 a year through lower prices (London School of Economics)
  • A Brexit would result in higher food prices (National Farmers' Union)
  • The average wage would fall by almost £2,000 a year (TUC)
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Being part of the EU gives you:

  • Guaranteed holiday paid
  • Maximum working hours
  • Equal pay for men and women
  • Anti-discrimination protection
  • Parental leave
  • Rights for part-time workers
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  • World leaders agree that leaving the EU would leave the UK with less influence on a global stage
  • The US will not prioritise a trade deal with the UK (President Obama)
Those who believe the UK is stronger in Europe:
  • The leader of every British political party
  • Every former living British Prime Minister
  • Mayor of London
  • President of the United States
  • The leaders of every EU country
  • President of China
  • President of Japan
  • President of India
  • President of New Zealand
  • Secretary general of NATO
  • 1,200 business leaders, including 51 FTSE 100 directors
  • 96 universities
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Trade Unions
  • Greenpeace
  • 13 Nobel Prize winners
Those wanting the UK to leave the EU:
  • Donald Trump
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Leader of UKIP
  • Leader of the BNP
  • Leader of Britain First
  • Leader of the English Defence League
  • Former Mayor of London


The Leave campaign wants you to vote 'for change'. We want you to vote to build. To build on the foundations already provided by the European Union’s single market. To build on the number of businesses exporting, not just to Europe, but around the world. To build on the number of businesses creating jobs, so that hard working people can provide for their families.