Business mobile apps have changed the way companies conduct research, and do business. The automation of company processes has allowed greater agility in accounting, sales and communication. By using a bespoke business app, organisations can fulfil day-to-day business needs, streamline appointment scheduling and improve productivity, all by having the ease of access to company information at the click of an app. The ability to access real-time information anywhere, anytime allows managers and employees to focus on other company assets.


Business apps allow companies to keep track of costs, expenses and invoices. As well as the convenience of the information collating in one place, it is also accessible instantly. This makes it easier to manage accounts as any issues can be identified and rectified imminently, plus spending can be tracked efficiently. Account comparisons are also at your fingertips; with a bespoke business app you are able to compare figures from different points throughout the year.


A bespoke business app can give you a breakdown of customer spending habits, this can be useful to businesses as it helps them understand what catches their customers attention and which products are more popular than others. By analysing customer activity, companies can use this information to see what products peaks consumers interest. The app can essentially identify trends to help companies give customers more of what they want.


Organisations thrive when operating via a good communication network. An app with instant messaging integration can help stimulate conversations between employees in different offices, this is especially useful with colleagues who work remotely. This hub of communication keeps employees connected with other employees and customers, instant messages are much more efficient and encourages conversation in comparison to e-mails which can sit in an inbox for days or hours without a reply.

A bespoke app could also house a video conference facility. This helps unite offices and reduces travel expenses as you are able to talk face-to-face with managers and employees, without the hassle of travel between offices.


Organise appointments with a calendar section of a bespoke app, ensuring you will never forget or be late for a meeting again. Detailed to-do list allows a manager to see who has worked on and who is free to be given tasks and attend meetings.

Benefits of bespoke

There are many benefits to bespoke business apps. They are designed specifically to your company’s requirements, in contrast to off the shelf apps which require a company to work differently as software is not tailored to them. Bespoke apps unlock business potential, they streamline processes, allow employees access to information in real-time and give organisations a competitive edge with their own unique app features.

Whilst the allure of off-the-shelf apps to solve business needs is tempting due to the apparent low cost – often paid for on a subscription basis – and quick implementation time, when you need something that truly reflects the requirements of an organisation, going bespoke is, in my opinion, the only viable option," said Nick Thompson, managing director at DCSL Software.

"Organisations, such as DCSL Software, which develop bespoke apps for businesses every day are able to understand requirements quickly, propose a solution using a “prototype” that people can quickly buy into, and ultimately deliver a modern, secure and resilient app that delivers business results. The best bit is that if you go bespoke, you own the app and its code – and that’s an asset on your balance sheet. You could even adapt the app and make it into something you could resell to others. Don’t forget to check with the developers that the intellectual property is passed over to your company though; if you don’t own it, you aren’t getting the full advantage of total ownership."

"Don’t forget to check with the developers that the intellectual property is passed over to your company though; if you don’t own it, you aren’t getting the full advantage of total ownership."

Users spend up to 10 times longer on apps than they do on the mobile web via a browser, therefore a more data-rich analysis of customers can be captured. A company can then use this information to adapt their processes, to optimise such things as usability. As well as benefitting the customer base, bespoke apps will help the overall running of company systems.

By Hannah Richards, Amplified Business Content