By Jackie Barrie, Copywriter, Trainer, Speaker & Author

A leaflet fell out of my local paper a few years ago. I kept it to use when I run training courses. I ask delegates to analyse what’s good (and bad) about it.

Why did I choose this particular leaflet?

Because you can practically see the brief in its execution. Imagine the conversation in the agency:

“What’s the product?”

“Milk from the Co-op that only has 1% fat.”

“OK, low fat milk. That means light milk. Where does milk come from? Cows. That means light cows. How about a flying cow?”

So the illustrator draws a cow with a propeller on its head…

So the copywriter writes a headline: “A flying cow! Whatever next?”…

So the graphic designer designs the leaflet in a cut-out format that follows the shape of the illustration…

So the prospective customer gets the leaflet in their local paper, and notices that it passes the AIDA test:

• Attention
• Interest
• Desire
• Action

The cut-out shape, and unusual design on page 1 attract Attention.

The cryptic headline captures Interest.

The sub-heading inside generates Desire: “How about a milk where we’ve dropped the fat to only 1% but held on to the great taste.”

The coupon on the back prompts Action: “50p off until 10.07.09.” (As mentioned above, I’ve kept the leaflet for a long time.)

It’s all backed up by brand consistency — the product is called One (with a 1% in the O). The label is purple and white. The cow has purple markings. The call to action is “Pick up the purple”.

It’s a great example of marketing. But not a great example of targeting. Remember, the leaflet arrived in my local paper — but there is not a Co-op for miles around. So I’ve never seen a bottle of One in real life, nor had the chance to buy one.

Jackie Barrie writes without waffle for websites, blogs, newsletters, brochures, leaflets and speeches. She is the author of ‘The Little Fish Guide to DIY Marketing’, ‘The Little Fish Guide to Networking’ and ‘The Little Fish Guide to Writing your own Website’.

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