By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator of PrPro and Owner of Energy PR

Only yesterday I read that press releases are a complete waste of time. This 'pundit' said that in today's super-connected world, as the rioting showed, a tweet linking to a blog will do. Well, while I'm a big advocate of tweeting and blogging, I beg to disagree!

As a device, the press release - or new release as I prefer to call it - is not dead. It’s just that so many people produce news stories with no actual ‘news’ in them that they end up under delivering!

Assuming you have news, there are lots of reasons to still produce news releases.

Why Bother With News Releases

1. First up, self publishing your news in a blog is all well and good, but nothing beats the third party endorsement that comes from the media talking about your business. But to do this the media needs to have the facts. Well written news releases are a way of marshalling those facts into a digestible format for the media.

2. Even if you are not going to mass broadcast your news and are simply going to ‘sell in your story’ as an exclusive to a journalist, the act of putting it together in a logical order not only helps you clarify your thinking and get your key points across, it also gives you something helpful to send across to the journalist for them to refer to following/during the briefing.

3. When you mass broadcast your news through a news release you are ensuring that all of your media contacts — and the audiences that they reach — are getting your major stories as they break, in a planned and consistent way.

4. Even if they are not published they are a great way of keeping your business front of mind with the media — prompting them to come to you for commentary and so forth.

5. Most importantly in this day and age — properly search engine optimised news releases sent to online media and hosted in the right places, with plenty of appropriate key words built in, provide a huge boost to your SEO. This is a MASSIVE benefit and for this practical reason alone, even without all the other benefits, I would keep issuing news releases.

6. And don't forget you can re-purpose your news release - turning it into a blog, putting it in a newsletter, using it as the bones of an email shot.

The news release is alive and kicking - so get it kicking some life into your PR!

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