Sunset (2)

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had more time to do the things we love and to be with the people we love? Imagine if we could find more time to make a positive impact on the world, to make a real difference.

What about if we could find the time to look after our wellbeing totally and completely.

What if I told you there is one habit you can build up? One very simple habit that you have heard about a lot over the last few years which can give you this time.

This technique is totally free.

It can be used by absolutely anyone and everyone. Whether you are injured, pregnant, frail or healthy, you can do it.

This technique can be taught to you in 20 minutes.

The technique not only gives you more time but it has been proven to improve your clarity, focus, memory, decreases stress and makes you feel more connected to others.

You would be blown away right?

You would be thinking give me this technique right now I want to try it!

If you haven’t already guessed I am talking about the technique known as mindfulness. And specifically in this case I am talking about daily Mindful Reflection.

Morning mindful reflection, is an activity that can help us to reflect on the day ahead or what has passed. It takes just 15 minutes and really begins to create some space in our day. Both in how we approach the activities we are doing, how we are thinking and how are feeling.

It also sets us up so that our whole day can become more mindful.. We may notice that as we start to build up this habit that we begin to regularly check in throughout the day. Leaving our thoughts and returning to the present moment to discover HOW we are living in each moment.

The main benefit of this practise is providing balance. Something that is very difficult for new entrepreneurs to build into their life. We are so used to having a team of people and a manager and a regular routine

We begin by (this is a module taken from our online meditation course)

  1. Begin by becoming aware of where you are sitting. Perhaps look around and take in your surroundings. Feel your feet on the floor, your sitting bones on your seat, feel your hands in your lap or holding your cup of tea or coffee. Notice your face and allow it to be soft, let your jaws relax, your lips and eyes be soft. Give your whole body permission to settle in and settle down. Then take a few deeper breaths and sense inside for any physical sensations in your body. You may feel some tension in your belly or a little tightness in your chest or a slight pressure on your temples or a tingly and alive sensation in the whole of your torso. Whatever it is, just notice without any judgments. Just becoming aware of how your body feels. And how the bodily sensations are not static but change moment by moment.
  1. And now, begin to sense for how you are feeling in this moment while sitting here. What is your mood? For example, do you feel awake, relaxed, calm or peaceful or do you feel anxious, apprehensive, tired, low, heavy…? It is rarely just one thing. It can be a mix. Try to name all that you feel and that you are aware of right now. Again, just notice how you feel and perhaps notice how your mood and feeling tone changes moment by moment. It never stays the same.
  1. Moving on to the third question. Just take a moment and bring your attention to the thoughts passing through your mind right now. What are some of your thoughts? You may ruminate on something or judge yourself for something that happened during the day or the previous day, or you may still analyze the dream you’ve woken up with or you plan your day ahead or rehearse a difficult conversation or fantasize about meeting someone later in the day… Firstly, notice your thoughts and then check whether you are carried away by your thoughts, i.e. buy into your thoughts or try to push them away or whether your are able to notice your thoughts and to let them go… Thoughts are not necessarily facts, they are just thoughts. They are like a passing train, or a river or clouds in the sky passing by.
Setting an intention for the day

And now, take a moment and reflect on your intention for the day and write it down. For example, you might write:

Today I want to be curious; today I want to be patient or attentive, quiet, focused, present, confident, happy, joyous; or today my intention is to make a difference to someone, find space for a lunch break, be productive and do what I set out to do, learn something new, do a kind deed for someone.

It’s important to write your intention down as by doing so you manifest your intention and it’s more likely to happen as a result; otherwise it’s just another fleeting thought.

By Cheryl Clarke, founder of City Calm