He may have problems at home, but President Trump has proved to be a hit in Saudi Arabia, why does he go down so well in the region?

If you had watched the reaction to the victory of Donald Trump in the US election among leaders across much of the Arab world, you would not be surprised by his recent warm greeting in Saudi Arabia.

Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi told President Trump that he has a "unique personality that is capable of doing the impossible," to which the US president initially responded by saying that he agreed with the Egyptian president, and then complemented him on his shoes saying "Love your shoes. Boy, those shoes. Man ... "

So, is that the reason why he is such a hit in the Middle East, he complements Arab leaders on their shoes?

Here is an alternative theory, and to advance it, the author borrows heavily on the theories of linguistic expert, and Trump critic, George Lakoff.

Cast your mind back to January of this year, during his inaugural speech, Donald Trump said: “I will never let you down,” Mr Lakoff said that the then new US President was appealing to the conservatives who may put high emphasis on families and see a father as a strong, protecting influence who emphasises discipline and strong morals. A liberal, by contrast, who may put more emphasis on the nurturing role of families, maybe somewhat irritated by the comments of President Trump, seeing them as authoritarian.”

In an interview Mr Lakoff said: “In this country about 35 per cent of Americans. . . have what I call a strict father morality. That is, they understand that they, in their households or whatever, they believe that father knows best, that their father is the authority, that what he says is right. That if children don't obey him, they have to be given tough love and punished until they do, and that this gives rise to a view that you have to be disciplined. That is not to do what feels good.”

Bear in mind that most of the Middle Eastern countries – Saudi Arabi in particular – are both conservative and patriarchal, then you can see how this applies to the Trump image in the Middle East too.

It boils down to your view of the world – it is hard for a conservative thinking traditionalist and a liberal to see eye to eye on anything, but conservative thinking traditionalists, no matter the differences in their religion, seem to be drawn together.