By Daniel Hunter

A study out today (Thursday) from unveils that nine out of ten graduates today would like to work for a small to medium sized enterprise (SME).

While recent research from the BIS has shown small businesses are missing out on a potential wealth of future talent through a lack of engagement with graduates, the survey from uncovers a willing market of untapped graduates able to compete for the 196,000 jobs on offer in today’s SME employment market.

Reasons why graduates would consider a job within an SME include:

· 62% believe that SMEs develop their workforce in a better way
· 65% state that their ideas are more likely to be heard
· 37% state that the company culture would suit them better

Further, nearly a third (29%) of graduates believe they have the right skills for a job in an SME, this is compared to just one in ten (10%) believing they have the right skills set to begin a graduate entry level role in a large corporation.

Separately, a growing number of graduates are looking to set-up their own business, with over half (51%) stating they had considered it as a possible route after university.

“SMEs are missing a trick by not considering graduates as a potential pipeline of talent. With evidence suggesting that graduate recruitment to SMEs has the potential to increase management and leadership capability within the organisation as well as enhance growth in the sector, it is important that their value is considered by those looking to recruit," Graduate Director at, Mike Fetters, said.

“The graduate market in the UK is big, with a huge variety of skills and knowledge out there - all of which can be tapped into by SMEs if they can effectively utilise the right channels out there.”