By Francesca James

Syncapse, a technology-enabled services company that uses social media data to achieve smarter marketing for brands recently released a new whitepaper as part of their ‘Value of a Facebook Fan 2013’ report series.

The whitepaper is entitled ‘why do consumers become Facebook Fans?’ and is authored by Max Kaleehor, VP Product Marketing at Syncapse who says that any marketer armed with this knowledge becomes empowered to optimize Fan acquisition strategy to improve social marketing impact.

With that premise, he says ‘this report probes prerequisite behaviors to becoming a brand Fan; ratings of the top reported reasons among consumers; and prescriptive guidance to improve social marketing’.

According to the study, there’s not a single leading reason that consumers choose to become a brand’s Facebook fan. Instead, there are several reasons why it happens.

The report found that while ‘being a brand user is usually a prerequisite for becoming a Fan, 49% of brand Fans cited a desire “to support the brand I like” as a reason for becoming a Fan -- making it the most popular reason across all brands’.

Max Kaleehor writes that ‘this may be surprising considering the prevalence of rewards and direct-response tactics employed by marketers to grow their Fan memberships. While transactional offers and incentives are prevalent reasons, emotional and relationship motivators were more universal’.

The Syncapse report concludes that ‘Facebook brand Fans have proven highly valuable in key consumer categories and the data shows that marketers are very much in control over how much value is created and extracted from their social membership’s.

According to the report, after understanding Fan value, marketers must improve their Fan memberships by exploiting on the reasons that fans liked a page and became a fan in the first place adding that ‘employing such knowledge about Fan motivations will greatly improve targeting and overall segment value’.

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