By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator of PrPro and Owner of Energy PR

I recently made a startling discovery. Scrolling through the list of people I follow on twitter, I realised that few companies that could potentially supply me, or my two businesses, have courted me on twitter.

There are some real exceptions like @BuckinghamFord and @KlassicCatering. Their twitter activity means that while I don't need a car or corporate catering at the moment, I'd be straight on the phone to either if I did.

Yet these are isolated instances. Both of my businesses buy a massive range of products and services. Yet no potential suppliers are trying to communicate and engage with me on twitter. They know who I am and spend lots of money trying to sell to me through direct mail, telesales and email blasts. But none has spent a moment looking at twitter to see if that's actually a better way to woo me. If they had, they would realise that it's one of my preferred communication channels. What's more, they would really stand out as NONE of their competitors are talking to me on twitter either!

The PR moral of this tale is a simple one - and it's as old as the hills. You must go where the audience is.

Today, a huge and growing business community is on twitter - their suppliers should wake up and join them! Those who do so appropriately (and that means engaging, being interested, talking not telling, speaking not selling) have a real chance of converting them into customers... Those that don’t will wake up one day and wonder where their business went.

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