Cardiff Bay

Despite being Europe's youngest capital city, Cardiff certainly doesn't struggle when it comes to tackling the world's major cities. In fact, the first Global Cities Talent and Competitiveness Index (GCTCI) by Adecco Group found that the Welsh capital is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to attracting and retaining highly skilled employees.

The GCTCI placed Cardiff 11th on the list, which is based on R&D research, cost of living, quality of life, size and population density, education and international connectivity.

Though not in the top 10 of 46 cities studied, Cardiff does rank higher than city powerhouses like Berlin (12th), New York (14th) and London (16th). The city's quality of life, education and small size with a relatively small population were noted as key factors in its high ranking. In fact, the average population of the top 11, excluding Paris, Los Angeles and Madrid, is less than 400,000.

Danish capital Copenhagen topped the list, with Zurich, Helsinki, San Francisco and Gothenburg completing the top five.

John L Marshall, chief executive of Adecco Group UK & Ireland, said: “Cardiff coming in 11th demonstrates its strength in providing vocational education.

"In addition, it’s the small and easy-to-navigate cities that help attract top talent, and we could also see other cities across Wales attracting more businesses, helping them to become talent hubs.

“Cardiff also offers workers the chance to combine a small, liveable, friendly community with a high quality of life with excellent opportunities for career advancement.”