by Jo Barnard, Director, Quest Professional

According to recent reports, there have been more than 673,000 applications for undergraduate places in the UK with just 487,000 university places last year.

With tuition fees as high as £9,000 a year and the additional three or four years of living expenses, that makes for a highly expensive education and one which these days does not even guarantee a job.

I’ve worked in education and corporate coaching in the public and private sector for more than 20 years and I’ve seen firsthand how much pressure is put on young people to go to university when there are other options available to them.

Of course, if you want to go into law, medicine or dentistry for instance, university is the only option.

But you only have to look at the numbers of unemployed graduates to see that having a degree isn’t as valuable as it used to be.

At Quest Professional, we work with a wide range of blue chip companies and global brands and our business courses evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern workplace and we have a superb record of securing jobs for our apprentices.

We have successfully coached 1,300 people in the last five years to achieve their first step on the career ladder. Our business contacts need to know that the candidates we send to them can hit the ground running.

Our training offers a complete range of skills that ensures candidates can undertake a variety of roles, which is so vitally important in the competitive jobs market, such as marketing, finance and strategic planning.

We meet with blue chip companies on a regular basis and hear all the time how personal aptitude and training is more important than a university education and the growing number of our former apprentices who thrive in careers at these companies suggests attitudes are changing.