By Daniel Hunter

It is 'no surprise' that parcel delivery firm Whistl, formerly known as TNT, has been forced to suspend deliveries, according to ParcelHero.

Whistl yesterday confirmed that it had suspended its door-to-door services, but would continue to offer a limited service using Royal Mail for the "final mile". It also said that it was consulting on 2,000 redundancies.

ParcelHero spokesperson David Jinks said: "It’s sad news that Whistl has blown time on its door-step letter service and is consulting 2,000 workers on redundancy. The traditional door-to-door letter service is a labour intensive low-margin market in which it’s hard to make money.

"Even though Whistl cherry-picked the market, choosing to deliver only in areas such as London, Liverpool and Manchester, it has still found the going tough."

Mr Jinks added: "On the face of it this seems good news for the Royal Mail, who have been complaining loudly about having to deliver letters to the Highlands and islands for the price of a stamp while Whistl supposedly creamed the profits from the most profitable areas. However, it does highlight the problems underlying the entire door-to-door postal services industry in the era of emails and the internet. Very low margins and an increasingly creaky infrastructure mean that the traditional postal market faces an uncertain future."