By Ben Simmons

The UK’s leading recruiters have responded to a report from consumer group Which? that exposed serious failings, amounting to cruelty, within some elderly care providers.

Andrew Horner Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s healthcare chair warns against isolating individual perpertrators, stressing the need for a more long-term review of care provision in the UK:

"The report flags some worrying examples of poor practice but we must avoid further stigmatising individual care workers - the vast majority of whom do a great job in increasingly difficult circumstances and on very low pay rates.

"Which themselves acknowledge a major problem lies with the overall care system and insufficient staff numbers. We need to get to the real nub of the breakdown to make things better.

"Specialised recruitment agencies have a key role to play by ensuring that all front line workers are suitably skilled and properly vetted and that the need for extra staff can be met at short notice and on 24/7 basis. However, increasing pressure on costs and margins means that this risks becoming an almost impossible task."

"The immediate priority is to find a way of balancing cost control priorities with the need for an effective and sustainable supply of front line care workers,” says Looking ahead, Tom Hadley, the REC’s Director of Policy & Professional Services. ”In the longer term, the debate has to be about how we fund a workable and modern care system and about actively promoting careers in the sector to a new generation of care professionals.”

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