It seems to be the week of flying cars: is it madness or is there something in it?

When the NASDAQ Composite passed 5,000 during the height of the dotcom bubble, it turned out that it was a bubble inflated on hype. The index has now passed 6,000, and frankly there does seem to be good reasons for the new high, this time. But, maybe the spat of rumours about flying cars points to bubble like behaviour, or maybe just hot air – literally.

First off, we had the news that a company called Lilium announced its all electric, vertical take-off plane/car; it seemed almost too good to be true.


When so many companies are working on similar concepts, it rather begs the question is there anything in it?

Is this a realistic idea, a product for the rich only – something Lilium says is not the case – or are flying pigs more likely?