"It [being recognised] was so soon after I left my job, so it was really motivating," Nafisa said.

"I spent two weeks in India [with the British Council] and it acted like an accelerator, I came back with more confidence and contacts, and I had developed my idea more than I had in the two months since leaving my job."

The future

So where do Nafisa and Amaliah go from here? With sales already reaching as far as Tunisia and the US, Nafisa is already taking on a small team of employees to help manage and grow the business. This time next year, Nafisa sees Amaliah being "the go-to modest fashion site in the UK". And in five years, she hopes to have a global presence with her own range of clothes for Amaliah.

You can't forget old habits, however. Nafisa started her career helping others on their entrepreneurial journey. And she's not content with her own personal success, she wants to carry on helping other budding entrepreneurs.

"I would love to start an accelerator that would help young founders like myself. It is a difficult journey and I would love to have an accelerator similar to what Entrepreneur First are doing where taking the path of entrepreneurship is encouraged post-graduation."