By Mark Shaw

So you have just joined Twitter. Now you're probably thinking what do I tweet about. I have broken this down into 3 categories.

Watch a video of Mark talking about the 3 things you need to tweet about


Social Chit Chat

One of the things that I tell all my clients, is that Twitter allows you to tell us who you are, not just what you do. So having fun, being interesting and interested in others, and just being social is really important. Now if you send out a message simply saying that you are leaving the house, that's pretty boring. If however you sent out the same message and said 'I am leaving the house, it's started to rain and I dont have a brolly. What are you up to?' this is far more interesting, and you are engaging other people to tweet back. Of course as people respond to you, it is vital, that you tweet back. No one likes to be ignored.

This is how you start to develop advocates, by being social, sharing experiences and so on.

Sharing Stuff

Category 2 is sharing stuff. Now this stuff can be your own, or it can be things that you have found on say YouTube, other blogs etc. You want to share stuff that you think will add value to your followers. Over time, you will become known as a great resource, a person that loves to share. Again this makes you more interesting, and more people are likely to follow you.

Demonstrating your expertise or knowledge

And finally, the 3rd category is where you demonstrate your expertise or knowledge. You can do this in several ways. One is to simply answer questions by writing about the answers and placing them on your website or blog. You then drive traffic to your website or blog to read the information. That is one way that you get more website traffic.

The other way is to simply invite in questions regarding your area of expertise. I got this idea from @mediacoach Alan regularly runs his #prclinic on Twitter inviting people to tweet him any questions regarding PR and media. I often run a #twitclinic where I offer peeps answer to Twitter related questions.


Now the keyword for me and all my clients is that of balance. You need to balance between all 3 categories if all you do is talk about having coffee etc... that gets boring, if all you do is answer questions regarding your expertise again that gets boring so have a balance of tweets which encompass all 3 categories.


The name of the game with Twitter is consistancy so doing a few messages and then leaving it for months, will achieve little. So you need to show up on a very regular basis, tweet often and over time the magic will start to happen.

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