By Rachel Campbell, Content Writer, Portfolio Credit Control

What are candidates looking for from you?

The economy is making its way back to normal after the recession and skilled jobseekers can afford to be less fussy about where they work, taking some time to find the right employer for them.

Yet with more than half of employers now saying they are finding it increasingly difficult to land their ideal candidate at the final hurdle, as an employer what can you be doing to motivate the perfect candidate to come and work for you?

Open honesty is the best policy

Jobseekers are taking time to research the companies they are considering working for, including the company background, its culture and even recommendations from current or previous employees.

Social media plays a crucial role in this research, so if your company isn’t paying any attention to social channels, you might miss out on your perfect candidate even applying for the role. Not only that, but social is where they can find a clearer view of your company, and where they can begin to form their own opinions on whether or not they should apply, or even recommend the company to others, even if it isn’t for them.

As an employer, it is important to pay close attention to the social profiles of your candidates, but it is just as important to keep an eye on the business’ too. Are your posts professional or even relevant? Do you interact with employees? Are you showcasing company culture? Think of yourself as a candidate and consider making any changes to the profiles that you would expect to see an employee do. This way your social channels will be in a fit state to motivate ideal candidates to apply.

Show that you care about what is important to them

Every employer makes the mistake of assuming that their vacancy is as good as they come, and as a result, they expect candidates to come swooning at their feet for the job. Yet when the tables are turned, and their dream employee turns the job offer down for a role at a competitor, they are left befuddled and wondering where it all went wrong.

Rather than simply assuming that you are offering everything a candidate could ever dream of, take some time to find out what the applicant is looking for from the job, and highlight any benefits that would fit the bill. If they are exactly what you are looking for from a potential employee, do everything you can to accommodate those wants and needs. While there may be some bargaining going back and forth, it will be worth it when they accept your job over others.

Show them respect and treat them as a future team member

Studies have found that around 69% of jobseekers would prefer to work for a company that treated them with respect throughout the application and hiring process. Many larger corporate companies are failing to see the importance of respect and as such miss out on fantastic talent that could have helped grow their business.

The majority of employees would rather work for a company with less of a starting salary but who showed much more respect for them as an individual, compared to those with a higher paying role who treated them like a robot in an assembly line.

If you truly care about finding the ideal candidate for your role, it is important to consider how they feel about you as an interviewer and how you treated them. Only showing respect after realising that they are the one for you won’t cut it – you have to show that you care about them as a human being from the very off.

Don’t leave them hanging

Many job offers are turned down due to an employer taking too long to make a decision or delivering inconsistency throughout the hiring process. 67% of jobseekers are more likely to accept a job offer from a company that kept them updated throughout the entire process.

It’s extremely simple to keep candidates interested in your job. Organise an interview as soon after the application as you can; at the end of each stage let them know when they should expect to hear from you concerning the next stage, and stick to what you say. Make them an offer as soon as you know that you want them. This will give the candidate faith in you and gives you a fighting chance of them choosing to work for you.

You may not realise it but winning over your perfect candidate begins the moment they send in their application. It’s crucial for you to apply the right processes to your hiring procedure as soon as possible to motivate the candidate, win over their heart, and land your business the perfect future employee.