By Alexia Leachman, Personal Branding Coach at Blossoming Brands

Do you know what sets you apart? When I ask this question, I usually hear things that include the what; what you do or the people you do it for. But actually, that’s not what makes you different. What you do and who your company targets is a competitive advantage with a limited life span. Other people do what you do, and those people that you target are also being targeted by others doing what you do.

Do you know what you would need to be considering if you wanted to extend your competitive advantage ad infinitum? Well, start by opening your mind to the infinite possibilities of truly what makes you different.

What makes you different are your life experiences; where you’ve come from and what you’ve done; the path you’ve trodden and your experiences along the way. These have given you a unique perspective on the world. No one else has experienced life in the way that you have, and when you add to this your passions, talents and strengths, your end result is a unique package that cannot be replicated. Whatever you do, will have your spin on it. Whenever you approach a task, you will be bringing your whole life experience to that task, as well as applying your own personal learnings. After all, no one has made the same collection of mistakes that you have!

Take a moment to imagine what you would do if you had to spend a morning with a class of teenagers and your brief was that you had to inspire them to be healthy. What would you do? What would your main message be? And how different would your class session be to Jamie Oliver’s, David Beckham’s or Kylie Minogue’s? Would you take the food, disease or exercise angle?

So, next time you’re asked what makes you different, think about where you’ve come from and what you’ve learnt, what you love doing and what you’re good at. It’s this very blend that makes you different. Of course, your next trick is to find a way of articulating it that makes it relevant and interesting. It’s how you express what makes you different that is the cornerstone of a strong personal brand.

Watch the below video of Alexia Leachman discussing; how to build a strong personal brand.


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