By Colin Mills, CEO, The FD Centre

The “Bean GrowerFD - (Financial Director) isn’t going to do your marketing or selling for you, I’m not suggesting that! However to grow your business, you need to decide what to direct your sales and marketing teams to sell, what’s likely to make the best profits, what products or contracts will help improve or destroy your cash flow, and which customers are likely to pay you on time.

Consider all this, and then roll in the fact that to grow your business you are going to need to understand how to, what to do, and where you need to go, to generate cash from within the business and possibly outside, and now you’re beginning to see the benefits of engaging a “Bean Grower” as your FD!

Remember — this is not an either or! It’s not a choice to go for the “Bean Counter” or “Bean Grower”. After all, you must keep the score on what’s going on in your business. That’s a pre-requisite for success!

Our contention at the FD Centre is that you need and you should have, in fact, you deserve a “Bean Counter” who can grow beans as well as count them! This is what the modern FD should all be about!

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