By Kelvin Newman, SiteVisibility

Firstly it’s a great way of sharing your top quality content on your site whether it’s a blog post, a report, a video or even a podcast episode. Social bookmarking can facilitate your content reaching further exposure as well as increasing readership, comments and votes. There are several benefits of use social bookmarking sites for sharing your content.

1. Traffic — You can gain referral traffic back from these bookmarking sites and of course choosing the more popular ones is more likely to gain you more visits.

2. Indexing — By submitting your content to social bookmarking sites you are in fact increasing the chances of it getting crawled quicker in Google allowing you to get pages on your site indexed quicker in search engines.

3. Links — Followed links can be achieved by using certain social bookmarking sites which is obviously great for your site as it’s a quick and easy way of gaining links, improving your search engine rankings.

4. Additional first page listings — If you are looking to get various pages of your site onto the first page on Google then social bookmarking sites can aid you. Posting content to these sites can sometimes rank highly in search engine results.

One problem that many users come across is that there are so many sites so it’s often difficult to know where to start bookmarking. Furthermore, some social bookmarking sites often forget your account details and signing-in can often be a problem. Below is our top five list of sites that you should be using:

1. Stumbleupon
2. Digg
3. Reddit
4. Delicious
5. Blinklist

What and how to bookmark?
The focal point to social bookmarking is to share quality content, so save your most in-depth blog posts, interviews, videos and podcasts.Spend time on creating this content, don’t rush it. Focus on an eye-catching title, keep the sentence structure clear and be sure that your opening sentence provides an interesting and precise insight to your article. Your content needs to have obvious value to the reader and therefore has to be worth a second look.

Remember; when you get to the stage of bookmarking you need to remember three key things — the title; tags; and description.

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