Do you want your customers to buy from you right now? The secret to achieving this is understanding Talent Dynamics – the type of energy that each customer brings to the table. By working with a particular energy you will be able to spot the tell-tale signs that will get you that sale, and what will kill sales with them so fast, you’ll wonder what happened!

Here are the four types of energy you need to know about and how to get the inside edge with each of them.

First up is DYNAMO. This is a powerful, forward-thinking energy that thrives on new products, new ideas and fast results. If you want to grab their attention, then you need to appeal to their visual side; demonstrate how advanced and progressive your product is; be dynamic in your delivery, and show them the fast results that can be achieved by purchasing now. A Dynamo enjoys being ahead of their competitors, never more so than with technology, and responds well to a high energy pitch.

How NOT to sell to a Dynamo, is to invite them to get stuck in with lots of detail. This is a black hole to this energy, as they can easily and quickly be distracted by a bigger, shinier product that they can buy right now. A real sales killer will be to talk slowly and laboriously, and walk them through step-by-step implementation plans. If you give them a long and detailed brochure, they will simply put it aside and procrastinate.

Next is BLAZE. Theirs is a very humane energy that thrives in social environments. When you sell to a Blaze, you need to take the time to connect with them, create a good rapport and be friendly, chatty and relaxed. An inside edge would be to inspire them with stories, and then get as many people involved so that you can demonstrate social proof of your product. In short, make your sale fun, friendly and personable. Blaze energies trust in you when they know about your professional credibility and your humanity, what makes you tick.

Warning! Blaze will not like it if you fail to make eye contact with them, and a lack of a smile will kill a sale dead in the water. Another big turn off would be the use lots of detailed analysis with numbers and graphs; they are not a fan of detail. If you force a Blaze to read through paperwork instead of discussing the project, you will leave them uninspired and looking for their sale elsewhere.

Now we consider the TEMPO energy. These are people that like to listen more than they talk. They require a connection and time with you to go through the process of the sale. They respond really well to one-to-one meetings, but also enjoy mixing socializing with business, either networking or at events. Be prepared that they are great negotiators as they know when and who will give them the best deal.

The real sale killers here would be to turn up late, even if it’s not your fault – this immediately destroys their trust in you. Trust is huge with Tempo, so if you try and behave like a typical fast-talking salesperson, or not deliver on what you promise, then you’ve lost your sale. Also, remain present in the moment, do not allow yourself to be distracted by your mobile phone, or social medias – they want your attention. Finally, listen to their objections and then try and help them resolve it through understanding.

Last up is STEEL, and what they need more than any other energy is data, security and facts. They are very cautious buyers, and will want to know exactly how everything works so that they feel safe buying your product or service. Mostly they will wait until other people have been there before them, seen it's proven and that all the kinks and risks have been eliminated. For security, they're looking for things like guarantees, proof, case studies and data metrics.

To avoid derailing your sale; avoid poor product knowledge, and if you cannot answer their detailed questions – be honest and transparent, tell them, "I don't know, but let me go and find out and get back to you”. It really is important that when you do, you get them the detailed information they require. A lack of trust will destroy the trust that you're building with them. Also, these buyers are normally slower to make decisions, so don’t chase them to buy; you’ll lose your sale quick as a flash.

So it comes down to this; how you sell to your customers is more important than what you sell. By understanding these four energies, you can go out there now and sell like never before. You will be able to understand your customer: interact, react and get those sales you’ve been looking for.

By Paul Avins, author of The Authority Guide to Trusted Selling