By Daniel Hunter

CIOs across the country are confident the work they’re doing behind the scenes to integrate IT systems will create a more agile workforce, deliver the benefits of flexible working practises and foster more engagement and collaboration between employees.

In research Virgin Media Business carried out, CIOs are feeling particularly confident the projects they’re planning on rolling out over the next twelve months will help staff to work remotely more easily (38 per cent) and allow employees to access services quicker (20 per cent). All the while, they’re expecting to help the company save on the bottom line.

A shift to more integrated communications will also lead to better collaboration according to the majority of CIOs (66 per cent) we spoke to. With the benefits of simplifying IT becoming increasingly obvious, nearly a third (31 per cent) of businesses are now looking to bring together all their communication tools within the next 12 months. This’ll mean employees have a greater ability to work on the go, from home, share files and catch-up with colleagues, no matter where they are.

“Without most of us noticing it, a quiet revolution is taking place. Behind the scenes, CIOs have put the wheels in motion to make our professional lives that little bit easier," Duncan Higgins, director of product and marketing at Virgin Media Business, said.

"A better work-life balance is the Holy Grail for most office workers and the challenge has been giving people the opportunity to work flexibly, remotely and on the move. Gradually, we’re getting closer to that point.

“With schemes like BYOD growing in popularity, CIOs are now exploring the next step of integrating new technology to make it possible for people to choose what device they use for work and for their home life. Nearly a third of CIOs have told us they intend on making the tools we use a lot simpler within a year, which will be music to most people’s ears."

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