By Gillian Hasley, eBusiness Manager, Monster UKIE

Today's organisations are learning the hard way that, to cherry pick and stand out from the crowd, they need to be first, fast and wide-ranging in their search. Digital recruitment methods allow business to cast a wide net and pull in a prize catch, often for less money than the old analogue ways.

So what are the most popular digital recruitment methods today — and why?

Social networks

Already many companies report hiring through social networking websites such LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Social network recruiting is daily demonstrating that companies can find the best talent quickly, without vast financial investment.

Although each social network varies in its individual offering, most allow employers:

• To screen without being screened. It may sound a little predatory but, when a candidate who interests you is active on social networks, you can glean a lot about how they work with others, how they handle customers, conflicts and much more. All of which helps you see who may be a great fit for your company, thereby increasing the chances of longer retention

• To develop relationships with potential candidates, learning more about each other, discovering good fits and compatibilities and discussing the chances of working together

• To keep tabs on contacts as most networks have update features so you can track who's looking, who's found, who may be ripe for picking…

• To winkle out candidates who may not have been found via other methods

• To find early adopters and keen entry level graduates, all of whom are already using this technology and will be impressed to find you there too

Recruiting blogs

These allow your company to show a potential employee what you, as an organisation are like. In reality part of social networking, blogs conversely allow job seekers to check companies out, rather than the other way round.

They allow employers:

• To show their dynamism. Compare this to the static nature of a company website which simply serves up an often unchanging chunk of information. A blog, on the other hand, gives employers the chance to impart their take on the issues of the day, giving a real flavour of who your company actually is

• To show a more personal face. If applicants have the chance to chat with and get to know the real personality behind the screen, it's going to be that much more compelling than a bland "email careers@acme.com"

• To add and edit job postings instantly at a speed no other recruitment tool can match

Online recruitment sites

These may be the most familiar of the digital recruitment methods but they continue to improve on their offering day by day to ensure their service stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Monster, for instance, is the leading provider of online careers and recruitment resources, committed to connecting organisations in every segment of the market with individuals at every career level - globally. For employers looking to recruit the most qualified candidates, Monster offers innovative technology and superior services to streamline the hiring process.

Monster allows employers:

• To find and match the perfect candidate in a way that's never been possible before through Power CV Search. Power CV Search matches candidates on real life attributes such as must have skills, experience and education.

• To establish a social recruiting presence on two major social media sites: Facebook and Twitter through Social Recruiting Solution (SRS).

• To enhance their Monster Job Posting with targeted advertising on the UK's websites where qualified job seekers spend their time via the brilliant Career Ad Network.

And the future of digital recruitment? It fits in your pocket. Starbucks has already hired its first employee via its own dedicated iPhone app. And, statistics show mobile use continues to rise with the advent of smartphones. Anyone laying odds on how long it will be before apps will provide a whole new recruiting dawn?

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