By Daniel Hunter

70% of people will talk to their friends throughout the working day, research has revealed. A study into the relationships of today’s tech-edged Brits found that over a quarter of distracted day-jobbers will regularly natter away to friends, when they should actually be working.

A slightly more dedicated 45% admitted they will only occasionally indulge their social side and speak to friends while at work.

The findings emerged as print and post specialist Docmail looked at the impact of increased access to technology on modern friendships, finding that 65% of communication is now conducted online.

“It’s clear to see that there is a heavy reliance on digital communication and that for the most part this enhances and adds value to our friendships," Dave Broadway of Docmail said.

“But the results show that many of us feel we rely on it too much and that it’s actually changing the dynamics of our relationships.”

The study of 2000 adults aged 18-35 found the average adult now carries out 65% of their communication electronically via 140 texts, 72 Facebook interactions and 40 emails per month to friends and family.

In fact, one third of those polled said they never go an hour without some sort of interaction with friends via Facebook, instant messenger or text, inevitably denting their productivity at work.

Indeed, more than half the study say their conversations are almost never ending, with texts or Facebook posts going back and forth over a period of days.

Our over-reliance on tech for communication is evident in our phone habits, too- a third of Brits don’t like talking on the phone, both in personal and professional relationships.

A quarter even admitted they would intentionally push a conversation with a colleague onto e-mail rather than ring and talk an issue through properly because of their dislike of phone conversations.

“It seems that there is an increasing trend to avoid talking on the phone and instead text or use social media. It raises the argument of what matters more, the amount of communication or the quality?” Dave Broadway continued.

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