By Jonathan Davies

The Conservatives have won the general election and David Cameron will continue as Prime Minister.

At this stage, it looks like the Conservatives will command a majority government, meaning no coalition government.

A study by Sage UK found that the Conservatives received overwhelming backing from the country's small businesses.

But what is it that small businesses found so appealing and what can they expect under a Conservative government?

Start-up loans

Access to finance has become a real problem for small businesses. The business community can expect to see a greater push on that area, particular start-up loans. During the election campaign, the Conservatives pledged to treble the number of start-up loans to be trebled to 75,000.


'Two million more people in work sine 2010', is a line we've heard plenty of times in recent months. The Tories will no doubt try to keep that sort of jobs growth going, but there will also be a focus on apprenticeships, with 3,000 set to be created by 2020.


Plans to roll-out superfast broadband were already being talked about during the previous government. Bringing faster and more-reliable broadband to all corners of the UK, with a particular focus on businesses. It will be part of a wider £100 billion investment package for the country's infrastructure.

Government contracts

The Conservatives want to increase the number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) bidding for government contracts. In fact, the party has said it would target a third of all contracts going to SMEs.


Following a strong rise in the number of people starting their own business during the last government, the Conservatives will be launching a review into “disadvantages faced by the self-employed”. It follows claims that self-employed workers suffer when it comes to maternity pay and pensions.

Red tape

The coalition sought to cut red tape for businesses, and the Conservatives will be doing the same again in this government and wants to reduce red tape by £10 billion.

National insurance

The Employment Allowance helps to reduce businesses National Insurance bill - the Conservatives have pledged to extend that until 2020.

Business rates

Other parties were pledging cuts and freezes to business rates, but the Conservatives will be launching a review into business rates in an attempt boost the High Street.