By Marcus Leach

London's Wembley Stadium will once again host the Champions League Final, having been selected by UEFA to stage the finale of the 2013 tournament.

In what will be another boost to the London economy UEFA decided to award the capital a second final in three years to mark the Football Association's 150th anniversary.

"This may seem exceptional but I think it was important for us to respect this anniversary of our game," said Uefa president Michel Platini.

This year's final between Manchester United and Barcelona, which the Catalan giants won 3-1, was a huge success both in sporting and commercial terms.

One of the highlights away from the pitch was the ease of organisation at the impressive new Wembley stadium.

With an impressive range of facilities there was no need for extra logistical arrangements for what is, behind the World Cup final, the biggest football game in the world.

However, one gripe of this year's final centred around the higher than usual ticket prices, and whilst no official confirmation has yet been given tickets for the 2013 showpiece are expected to be cheaper.

The cheapest tickets on general sale for the 2011 final were priced at £150, with a £26 administration fee. The cheapest package for an adult and one child was only available in category two seats and cost £338.

"It was a mistake, it was not good. But it is not easy to decide the price of the tickets in the Champions League final," said Platini in April.

"Perhaps in the future we have to have another category for families that is less expensive. But if you put those on the black market how much will they cost?"

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