By Daniel Hunter

Wednesday is print day in the UK, according to data from printing firm The Danwood Group, which shows that printing, faxing and scanning volumes peaking mid-week.

The data, taken from an analysis of the activity of nearly 30,000 devices used within 568 UK businesses, paints a picture of productivity within the typical Monday to Friday working week, with print volumes almost halving on a Friday from their mid-week peak.

Annual trends also show that January is the busiest month in the year for printing and the most orders for new toners are placed in June. Businesses should be aware of potential downtime in their busiest month however, as the third Tuesday of January was the day when the most jams happened in printers.

Douglas Greenwell, Group Strategy and Marketing Director, Danwood, said: “Research has suggested Fridays are the least productive day of the working week and if we map our data on print behaviours to this it certainly seems to be the case."