Pictures speak louder than words. In fact, the human brain processes them 60,000X faster. And not only do we process images quickly; we’ve perfected the ability to conceptualise what we’re looking at using visual clues, without consciously thinking about it.

The best communicators harness the most powerful images - building an emotional connection with their audience through visual storytelling. So how do you select standout imagery?

Join Integrated Live Marketing Summit on 26th April at 14.30 (GMT) to take a complimentary deep-dive into The Power of Visual Storytelling, led by Getty Images' Jacqueline Bourke.

As senior manager of Creative Insights at Getty Images and iStock by Getty Images, Jacqueline identifies emerging visual and social trends that better connect customers to brands.

Using Getty Images’ unique access to customer buying patterns and invaluable client feedback from around the globe, Jacqueline researches how brands evolve their use of imagery to fully engage audiences – informing the creative direction for Getty Images’ contributors and customers. A former director of art of photography, she is a media communications graduate with 15+ years’ experience working in academia, advertising and media; developing deep insight into how images work in advertising, and the key factors in creating powerful imagery for compelling campaigns.

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